1010 Animals

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1010 Animals

1010 Animals is an puzzle game which is easy to learn but hard to master. Remember Tetris? Maybe you played some Brickmania back then.

Then here is some animal fun, Tetris Style!


You´ll love this game. Try it out!

Your goal is to score as many points as possible. Not only 1010 animals points, but all the animal points you can get. Use cats, dogs, monkeys, lemur and koalas. Have fun!


Click on the image to play:

1010 Animals


Drop cute animal blocks on the game field and try to create full vertical or horizontal lines.


As soon as a line is full, it is removed from the field. Can you clean them all? Do you need just one more puppie? Have it another go.

But be careful, because if there’s no space left to add a block, the game is over. Oh no!


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Animal-Quiz.com – 2017 – 1010 Animals

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