Ode to Animals


Ode to Animals

This ode in shape of a video/poem is a tribute to all the animals in the world and to all the joy they bring to the human kind.

Is about protecting their right to be free, to live in the wild, and how our friends are a living, breathing, constant reminder of how beautiful mother nature is and how kind she is to us all!

Listen to great music, relax and watch our friends like the loyal dog, the majestic giraffe, the mighty elephant or the peaceful snail, just being themselves.

An Ode in a video/poem that reflects the joy, the peace and inner understanding of nature that the animals of all shapes bring to us.

Just watch, contemplate and share with your friends that love animals as much as you do.


Hope you like it!

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Animal-Quiz.com – Ode to Animals – 2018

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