About Us

Animal Quiz is a community that loves animals! If you love animals too, then join us!!
All kinds, shapes and sizes, domestic animals, wild animals… all animals!!
We want to do our part to help our furry friends and ensure that their rights in the world are protected, as the planet is as much ours as it is theirs.
So our vision starts in raising awareness about all the animals in the world, bringing them closer to the human kind thru sheer knowledge of their lives, their habitat, what they eat, how they take care of their families, how they behave themselves in different situations, how they co-exist amongst them and with us, and most importantly…how they are SO much like us and still so unique and different at the same time.
We all know that some species that are around us today, will not exist anymore tomorrow, and some of them will be extinct in the next 5 or 10 years, even before 90% of the human kind even ever heard about their existence.
So we ALL must do our best, not only to make the human kind stop hunting wild animals, but also to raise awareness about what we have been missing, and what blessing it is to have these living miracles around us. A true proof that mother nature loves us.
So OUR goal is to bring knowledge to the world and educate them about the wonders they are ignoring and taking for granted, before it is too late to appreciate.
But, to have the job done, it doesn’t have to be boring or shocking, we want to make people fall in love with animals. WE CAN raise awareness AND entertain people at the same time.
So YOUR mission is to have FUN! Try out our quizzes, watch our videos, laugh with our memes, GIFS and other content.
YOU want to help us? Want to do your part? Then come have fun with us! Check our page at animal-quiz.com , do our quizzes, share with your friends, comment and react to our posts, help us spread the word and raise awareness and help our animal friends!



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